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Logo_q_1000wFoundersExperts – ein weiteres Unternehmen, das am Freitag live pitchen wird.

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FoundersExpertsLaunches Website Providing European Entrepreneurs With Access To World Renown Experts For Consultations

No longer do startups have to go-it alone in their early formative period when they lack the resources to take advantage of the knowledge of experts.

Starting a new business venture can be a daunting task, even for the experienced Entrepreneur. As new challenges arise, so do questions that need answers. The solution to this problem is now at hand thanks to Austria’s own FoundersExperts.com, who recently launched their flagship web portal to the world of experts in many varied fields. It is now a simple task to have questions answered by experts in all phases of business. Instead of bypassing the important answers needed to guide the start-up on a straight path to success, all it takes is a phone conference with a chosen expert for some enlightenment.

FoundersExperts.com features experts in such areas as: Funding, Startups, Business Models, Design, Apps, Mobile Marketing, Pitching, Media Production, Prototyping, Sales, Strategy, Scrum, Internet Marketing, Content Management, HR, Coaching, Social Media, IT Security, Crowdsourcing and more. Languages spoken include: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Romanian, and Danish. There are 21 experts available right now, with more to be added to the roster. Think about it: Why waste time figuring out things others have long figured out?

Amongst the various European startups in the past, there has always been a reluctance to seek outside advice. This is actually contrary to the growth of the business. In America, the opposite is true, where the Entrepreneur has no trepidations about seeking outside advice. There is nothing wrong with asking questions of those people that have the credentials to provide sound guidance. FoundersExperts provides such a forum where the experts are within reach of every budget, and at a fraction of their normal consultants fees. Experts are advised not to upsell on any products or services. Clients are paying for their advice not for their marketing pitch. All it takes is a visit to the site, selecting an expert, and arranging a phone call. This is money well spent.

For complete information, please visit: FoundersExperts.com

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